First task is to get the rotted wood out, and
some fresh steel in.
Starting from the front.

First the shape of the A-pillar was traced onto a piece of thin plywood and cut out.

This piece is then used as a ruler for the plasma cutter to cut the 1/8" thick sheet metal that the pillars will be built from.
( January-February 2020)

Here he new piece is trial fitted into its place, with holes drilled for the door hinge bolts.
The holes are over size to provide adjustment

After tack welding the piece to the cowl, the sheet metal moldings are trial fitted. So far so good, so next up will be to build the rest of the pillar into a box shape.

With the axles out from under the car, the stance could be tested for real. Lowered a staggering 8" in the front ,and 6" in the rear. In reality there's all kinds of problems to get a fendered car this low, but it looks cool sitting like this.

Maybe a totally blacked out look would work. Black on black on black... We'll see.

When the parts for the A-pillars were laid out on the floor, I realized they could have been built before welding to the cowl. Annoyingly enough, I had made too many spotwelds to cut the first part off, so it was welded in place. The second pillar was welded fist, and mounted to the cowl afterwards.
Very happy to have invested in a plasma cutter for this project.
(march 2020)

The right hand side pillar welded to a unit before mounting to the cowl. I didn't expect them to warp as badly as they did, and had to do a lot of shrinking by heating and cooling to get them reasonably straight.

Next the width at the top of the pillars was determined with help of a original piece of sheetmetal, that goes between them, then braces were welded in.
The windshield channel (arrow) was removed along with the wooden dash reinforcement structure. As we're going with an opening windshield, a different design was called for.

A rolled piece of square tubing was welded to the cowl, and a new reinforcement piece was welded between the A-pillars. Now the whole structure is rigid and nice.The reinforcement piece will also hold the rubber gasket for the windshield.

The whole windshield opening done with 1" square tubing (25x25x1,5 mm) with a kind of flange added on the inside, for holding a rubber seal. The winshield frame will be hinged, hangning off its top, and will fit inside this opening.

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