There has been thought about a new Hot Rod project for years now.
Two door Sedans being the favorite body style, this 1930 Marquette by Buick was brought home.

This car was sold to me as a 1931 Buick, but turned out to be a 19390 Marquette.
The grille is the obvious Marquette give away, if you know your thirties cars.
(December 2019)

For the moment being there's not really a plan for this build, other than to get the body of the car repaired. As usual for General Motors cars of the period, it's wood framed, and the wood is rotted. The sheet metal is in pretty good shape, but a "new" body will have to be built from the inside.

A much lowered stance, perhaps some five spoke wheels shod in radial tires, a good sound from free flowing exhausts, manual transmission. That's about the plan for now.

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