A few of my present and previous cars.


1984 Chevrolet Caprice
Station Wagon

The previous owner had started to work on this car back in 2007 after hitting a dog. The crash left minor damage to the wagon, but there were issues with the brakes, and the engine leaked oil via the rear crankshaft seal. After a day or so of work he gave up, and the car stood in a barn for 16 years.

After a rebuild of the brakes, overhaul of the engine and a few modifications the car runs and looks great.
(Spring/summer 2023)

1976 Dodge Coronet Wagon

The Dodge was bought in very good condition. The previous owner had owned it for 25 years, and gotten it into the Finnish museum registry as a hearse, as which it had served since new. It drives good, and only had some service and a few adjustments during the summer season.
360 V-8, TorqueFlight 904 transmission and 9-1/4" rear axle
(Spring 2021)

1984 Pontiac Parisienne
Station Wagon

This Pontiac had been stored for many years for one reason or another. After fixing some electrical issues and repairing the exhaust with used parts, this wagon was ready for use.
305 Chevrolet V-8 and 700 Turbo hydramatic transmission.
It inherited the old wheels off of the diesel hearse.
(Summer 2020)

1968 Chevrolet Bel Air Stationwagon

This wagon was bought in a pretty bad condition. What looked like patina was a car in really bad shape. Mechanically it was pretty good, though, and as it had a small cam it did sound great with new exhausts.
327 V-8 and TH 400
(September 2019)

1989 Chevrolet Caprice
Station Wagon

Another hearse, dark gray metallic this time, which is unusual.
307 Oldsmobile V-8 and TH-700R4 automatic transmission.
These late eighties 307 engines with the 7A cylinderheads are just so lacking power.
(October 2018)

1967 Chevrolet C30

A one ton truck, the frame meant to be used as a basis for a hot rod project, but ended up as a patina truck. The hand painted text being original, found under a layer of gray paint, which was sanded off .
The new, shorter bed was made from 100+ year old floor planks from our house.
305 Chevrolet V-8 and 4-speed manual transmission.
(April 2015)
Link to the project page here

Green machine

This car was bought as a way to raise some funds for the Diesel conversion project. Bought cheap as a roller, it got the original engine and transmission out of the diesel hearse in the pic below, and was sold with a nice profit.
(November 2013)

1980 Chevrolet Caprice
Station Wagon

Another low mileage hearse. A good thing about hearses are that they usually are in a much better shape than your average wagon of the same vintage.
305 smallblock V-8 and 350 Turbo hydramatic make this black wagon move.
This wagon got a Mercedes 3 liter six cylinder diesle engine installed. New snow tires and newly painted 8" front and 10" rear wheels in this pic.
(October 2013)
Link to the project page here

Chevy SS ?

The Chevy was updated with dual exhaust, wide tires and 10" rear rims. Silver SS stripes makes makes for a muscle car-ish look.
The V-6 sound is a bit of a contradiction.
(September 2012)

1989 Chevrolet Caprice

Powered by a fuel injected 4.3 V-6, this car surprisingly enough, seems faster than the hearse a couple pics below, even as it has many times more miles on the odo.
The TH-700 R4 transmission keeps revs low on the highway.
(January 2012)

1971 Pontiac Grand Safari

This wagon hadn't been driven in fifteen years, and was bought with its engine and tranny standing on the floor beside it. After a bit of work and some TLC it runs nice and feels good to drive.
Someone told me this giant car is the longest mass produced station wagon in America.
455 cubic inch V-8 and TH 400 Transmission. (December 2011)

1980 Chevrolet Caprice

A hearse in its previous life, this car is in extremely good, almost mint condition.
It just needed a good detailing, polishing the door jambs and paitning the brake booster, and it went into the Finnish museum registry with flying colors.
(October 2011)

1987 pontiac Trans Am GTA

This GTA was bought as a donor car, to give its vital organs to the '57 Chieftain.
The 350 TPI engine and overdrive trans will provide nice power and good fuel economy.
The GTA was driven home from Jyväskylä on snow tires left over from the '78 Chevelle below. (November 2010)

1957 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina Coupe

This car was found on craigslist, bought in Seattle, registered in Oregon, and driven along U.S. 101 to Los Angeles.

Click here to see the Pontiac project page.
(June 2010)

1990 GMC B10

This GMC Pick up truck looks more like '78 than a '90, the explanation being that it's a B-10 made in Brazil.
It sported a sixties style 250 cubic inch Chevy straight six, points ignition and all, with a four speed manual transmission.
Old tires and welded spider gears made for wide slides in rainy weather. A very fun truck to drive
(August 2009)


After a work intense winter, the
"grandpa's car"-look is long gone.
455 bored to 468 cubic inches, Edelbrock heads, intake and carb, a Mondello cam, TH 400 with a shift kit and a HoleShot converter, a Ford 9" rear end with brand new posi and 3,50:1 cogs lit up the rear tires in a pretty entertaining way.
(May 2009) Link to the project page here

1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon

A real grandpa's car. The 150 horse 350 with a slushy TH 350 left some to be desired in the performance department, though.
The rust isn't exactly beaming with its absence either...
(August 2008)

Buick Skylark

Here's the Buick after a fun test drive on wet dirt roads.
At about 2800 lbs, it's surprisingly fast even with the six cylinder V-6 and auto transmission. The rear gears are 4.6:1, which helps performance.

1963 Buick Skylark Convertible

Early June 2008 a new project was purchased after the '60 Buick was sold.
As for now, the car is still on the truck a few miles away from its new home.
(June 2008)

The Big Bad Buick

For the 2007 season the Buick was lowered three inches in the front, and four in the rear.
Combined with new lower front tires this made quite a change.
(June 2007)

1978 Chevrolet Chevelle

By late 2006 a daily beater was needed, and this Malubu was brought home.
200 cube V-6 and auto makes cummuting a nice pastime.
(car acquired November 2006)

1960 Buick LeSabre
This two tonne racer is powered by a 364 nailhead, a Dynaflow transmission providing smooth acceleration.
Painted black with yellow "Viper stripes", blue pinstriping and a hand painted STP logo, this car attracts a surprising amount of attention.
A very nice car to drive, driven almost daily since mid April.
(June 2006)

1960 Buick

The Buick was found in less than perfect condition, leaky freeze plugs bad brakes etcetera.
For the last fifteen years or so, the four previous owners had, one after the other, bought it, given up on it, and sold it on.
(February 2006)

1975 Chevrolet El Camino V8
Equipped with the 307 V-8 from the Olds below, dual pipes featuring straight through mufflers, this car now sounds a ton better.
The TH 200 4R Automatic tranny has a steep first gear and overdrive fourth, and the N 50-B15 tires and 10" Chrome Reverse rear wheels do their job in the looks department.
(May 2005)
Wiring diagrams for the TH 200 4R transmission.

1975 Chevrolet Chevelle El Camino
Powered by a 250 cubic inch in-line six and a TH 350 tranny with the original style exhaust intact this car wasn't much fun, but we had plans...
(April 2005)

1987 Oldsmobile Delta 88
Custom Cruiser

The Olds was bought as a donor car. Its V8 engine, four speed automatic transmission and a few other parts will be transplanted into the 'Camino. Hard to imagine all the useless wiring, plumbing and pumps that had to be removed just to find that small 307.
(April 2005)

1969 Plymouth Valiant Signet
Yellow when purchased the Valiant got a sticker tune and new exhaust.
Power came from a 225 cubic inch and a TF 904 auto transmission.

Saliant pipes.
They looked sporty and the sounds they made were very nice for a six.

1985 Ford Crown Victoria STW
The first American car in ten years. Kids and a house happened.
White when brought home this wagon got painted and flamed with a couple bags of rattle can paint
302 V-8 and an AOD did their best to move this tank.

1960 Opel Rekord
I never really drove this car, it was mainly used for mig welding practice.
Good looking little car, that had lots of potential.

1970 Pontiac Le Mans
Originally equipped with a 350 cubic inch V-8 in bad shape, I changed it to a ´71 400 cui junkyard engine. A new Holley 750 cfm four barrel carb on an Edelbrock aluminum intake made all the difference.
TH 400 transmission.
Final assembly going on after a repaint in 1991.

1977 Chevrolet Beauville G 30
This van was bought in 1986 when it was just nine years old, still my newest car ever.
Power came from a 292 cubic inch six bolted to a TH 350 automatic transmission.
A pretty powerful engine, but the fuel economy was poor.

1965 Plymouth Valiant
Powered by a 225 cubic inch slant and a standard three on the tree manual transmission.
This was my first American car.
(Spring 1985)

Flamed Tractor
Inspired by a cheap three-two intake and a pinstriping brush I decided to Rod the tractor and flame it!
Pinstripes yet to ba added in this pic
(August 2005)

Pinstriped flames
Here's a closer look at the finished flames painted with rattle cans and pinstriped with blue one shot paint.

In action
My son Lukas on a shake down test with the new carbs and flames.
(September 2005)

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