Power Hot Rod Reunion, Malmby, Sweden.

On the ferry to Sweden.

Here's a coupla pics just for illustrating the sheer size of the event in the Malmby fairgrounds...

...Hundreds of Rods and Customs in attendance, and even more fifties and sixties cars.

Just sitting and watching was pure fun. There was a lot of cruising around the fairgrounds.

Sitting on the lawn in front of owner's tents were fat and skinny fendered rods. Fenderless ones too.

This five window deuce coupe looked perfectly barn fresh!

If I'd build a Harley, it'd probably look something like this.

A pick-up truck with the best imaginable stance. It wore a truck load of carbs too.

A truly awesome rod! Look at those three intakes, checkered valve covers, zoomie headers, and kool nose bleed stance. This barbecue rod was unlike anything seen before. The shortened sedan was filled to the brim with fire wood when it arrived.
Owner claimed it does zero to sixty hamburgers in text to nothun.

Very nice rod from Södertälje. Powered by a loud 'banger...

...It provided a very nice ride. The driver's seat is a barber shop chair, and the other front seat is made from the foot rest from the said chair. Not very comfortable.
The roof was a sheet of orange colored plexi.

More cruising.

Some body work seems to be needed to make this sedan a show winner.

Model A with a nice tear drop trailer.

This Chevy was elected
"Rat Rod of the Year 2007".

The same rod seen smoking its bias ply white wall tires.

More rods racing.

This Hudson was huge! And packed with attitude.
Mopar big block power

Pekka "Wizzard" Mannermaa doing his magic on the Essex.

A wood bodied rod. This Volvo frame based rod looked like it was made from rusty car parts and wood.

Nice air filter on that Y-block.                                 That suit case is really an early VW tank.

The cowl light can be lit with the                                                       Toilet seats provide comfortable seating.
match on the matchbox/voltage regulator.                                 The interior is wood grained sheet metal and fiberboard.

Volvo powered, turbo charged and tripple carbed Volvo B30 provided lots of power in this light weight track nosed T.

Man, is this a cool mower or what?

Lasse's '33 roadster. A few months of hard work took this car from junk to driveable.

Flathead power in the '33.

A nice view. Rods as far as you can see.
Lasse is excused for trailering his roadster, as it was not yet registered.

Back home after what amounted to a problem free thousand mile trip, of which the last mile driven in rain on dirt roads.

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