Once again time to start working on the fenders. This time not only
as an experiment, to have a preview of the look and stance of the Essex, but to
make things fit and ready for primer.


Work started with bolting the already 5" lowered front fenders to the frame. They look very rusty now, but when this project started out they were in much better condition than the body.

The running board will mount to the fender as the left hand one in the pic below...

...As some work has already been done to the left front fender and running board, they bolted together nicely .

This pic shows a front view of the left front fender. It will still be a long way to go, as almost nothing fits.
The left arrow points at the edge that the hood will rest against. It's very rusty, and has to be tweaked in all directions to fit...
The right arrow points at the stock head light bar mount, which has been cut off for some reason. These mounts will be welded to the new head light bar.

...A lot of adjusting and patching is required to fit the fenders to the body, running board and apron.

As is evident in the above Christmas greeting, the front fenders are
way too low, rubbing the tires at all times.
To get some wind into the sails and to get back up to speed,
something easier and funnier had to be done.

First of all the fenders came back off.
Here's the new Coker Classic white wall front tire in all its glory.

The roof has been squirted on the inside with matte black rattle can paint.
The steering wheel has been painted in a light cream tint, and the steering column, the drop and the lower dash have been primered.
Quite a few unwanted holes have been welded shut in the dash.
A pair of Austin/Morris Mini seats have been securely mounted to the floor.

About a gallon of filler has been added to the roof, and most of it was sanded back off.
To top it off a coat of sanding sealer was squirted on. Lots of sanding dust in the garage after a half hearted try at some cleaning up.
What if I'd run it fenderless after all?
(January 2008)

Now the grille shell has been bolted to its new mounts, and the transmission cooler is in its place in front of the radiator.
The lights are mocked up here, giving the car a whole new look.

A decision to leave the fenders for now has been taken, there's not much time to get everything ready if there's going to be any cruising this summer...

Here's the steering wheel, detailed to the max with a bullet from Nightprowlers in the USA.
You'd never think it once resided in a '62 Ford Taunus! Mounts for the Moon tach and the NOS fifties british turn indicator switch are welded to the column.

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