There was more work than anticipated
before the engine and transmission could be
mounted to the frame.


The new engine mounts welded to the crossmember. Though you may not see it in this pic, all boxing plate welds are now ground.

Transmission mount welded to the frame.

Yikes! What a horrible sight! The starter didn't fit, so most of the new crossmember had to be cut away to make room for it...

To take a break from the essential problem a somewhat easier task was taken on.
- The right hand side runningboard mounts.
The ones on the left side were made nearly a year ago.

After a couple of weeks, quite a few designs, and angles of attacking the problem, later, I came up with a solution.
It involved most of the custom tricks known to mankind, and so the crossmember
was Z-ed, C-ed, S-ed and notched.
Then it was ground...
(January 2006)

New rear shock mounts.
(January 2006)

After a long break work on the Essex was continued.
The rear shocks now have new lower mounts too, so they're mounted secure.
I got a couple of L78-15 tires from a friend, and mounted them on a pair of Ford Wheels. This is the right size tires for this car.
(October 2006)

The air cleaner will be made from a pair of '38 Chrysler headlights. Here's one resting on the carb.
The valve covers are '57 Cadillac. They're a little too long, but all they need is some cutting and welding...

Here the steering box is mounted to the frame/subframe.
It's a fairly tight fit, but it looks ok. There is enough room for the exhaust system, so everything seems to be all right.
Still remembering the "starter blues" I try to plan ahead better...
The two Chrysler head light housings has been welded together to form the air cleaner.
The drag link is still to be mounted in the other end.
(December 2006)

The frame horns has got their boxing plates welded in. The two small holes, barely visible in this pic, are for the racing fuel tank mount.

The other end of the drag link seen here too. (January 2007)

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