For many years I've dreamed of building a Nascar clone of sorts.
That is what will become of this Oldsmobile.

Due to lack of adequate funding a rusty and dented project car was purchased, and no fancy stuff will be used.
The budget will allow for paint, wheels and power, in form of a used 455 Olds engine. A rebuilt TH 400 transmission and only the merest upgrades to the suspension will have to suffice.

Why an Olds?
Easy answer: It was the cheapest two door car in driveable condition that could be found. And the engine waiting for this project happened to be an Olds 455.
The car, of course, had to be a two door model, to emulate the look of a Nascar racer.

© 2008

This is the plan:

Early seventies Nascar racer. Not an exact replica, but close enough to also make people who have some knowledge about Nascar racing to be interested.

The body will get rid of its rust and dents. And then it'll get a colorful paint job. Perhaps some minor mods, like moved in bumpers and maybe a spoiler or two.

This is a very heavy car, so everything has to get out!

Stiffer and shorter springs will be used, and some kind of heavy duty shock absorbers.
This car already has front disc brakes in good condition, so they'll only be overhauled.

Widened steel wheels with highish tires, something like 275/60-15". About as wide in the front, as in the rear.

Earlier this summer a used Oldsmobile 455 engine along with a rebuilt TH 400 tranny was bought, and that's what will be used in this project.

Ok, let's get on with the project

As the Nascar Olds project is nearing its end, here's an "after" pic, taken on first of may 2009.
The "before" pic above was taken about tenth of august 2008.

The "grandpa's car"-look is long gone.

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