Most of the NASCAR identity is in the color scheme.


Here the body has been cleaned with silicone and grease remover and then sanded with 240 grit paper.
A lot of work went into the masking. As the engine bay is already painted, it's totally sealed off under the hood.

A couple of nice coats with sanding sealer/filler made the grafitti go away.

Next the whole body was painted light blue.

Here's a photoshopped "preview pic"..

After removing the masking tape and paper the Olds started to look like a car.

Then on to the "graphics".
All of the body had to be masked off, but for the areas that were to be painted.

The masking tape and paper removed.
(March 2009)

Another photoshopped "preview pic".

At long last it looks pretty much like those preview pics.
The white stripes really make those orange areas pop!

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