1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon.


Not a beauty, but then they rarely are in the beginning of a project
(August 2008)

A change of wheels changed the attitude.
Admittably more towards a street race attitude, but it'll wear different wheels later.
Weighed on precision scales, this car now weighs in at a hefty 4277 lbs (1940 kgs)!

A few hours will be used to turning this into...

...this. Rot is everywhere, but we have lotsa Mig wire!

The rust and dents mostly under control now, the rear bumper was removed.
(September 2008)

This is what was found inside the rear bumper, and cut away.
This cutting saved about 70 lbs! This is some heavy stuff, even as it mostly consists of rust.
Some simple mounts will be fabricated, and the bumpers will be mounted closer to the body.

Even without its bumpers the Olds looks very heavy. And is too. It'll be interesting to see how much weight can be saved.

Here's a first photoshopped attempt at trying to capture the Nascar style this car is going to get.

Here's the front bumper on the floor. It will take more than an open door and some cross draft to blow it away, as it's a whopping 115 lbs! It too will have to lose some weight...

Ok, so now the floor's looking this good! Actually even better as this is written, but getting a decent photograph of the black floor seems impossible.
Yes, it's been painted black, as has the trunk.
The black is a bit of planning ahead, as if sometime if I want to repaint it, black is a nice hue, always in vogue.

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