Gulf Cup 2016


May 28-29 Kemora

The pits friday evening before the races.
Hammerspeed Racing mechanic Rune to the left, walking with Göran (Nr 47 Cortina)

Two friends with green Cortina GTs.
Göran in Number 47 and Kim in number 48.

Quite a few American cars in attendance this time.

The first turn is always a challenge, all the traffic is a lot ot take in for a relative beginner.

The suspesion working better than ever with stiffer springs and better tires.

Göran took a third position in the F/C class under 1600 cc.
Kim took third in the second race of the day.





Yours truly in the red go faster suit with a first place and good friend Jari with a Corina GT MkII on second.
G/C class under 1600 cc.


July 9-10 Historic Race Botniaring

The Cortina barely visible in a pack of Escorts, a Dodge and a Porsche. A nice thing with historic racing is the diversity of the cars.

The clutch started slipping in the next to last lap, but a first place was achieved anyway.
Jari on second, and Gustav on third.

The transmission had to be pulled, and to save the gear box oil, the propshaft was bound to the rear transmission snout with some steel wire.
Mechanic Rune working hard under the car as the clock is ticking.





Rune washed the clutchplate. Oil had been leaking out of the engine rear crank seal.
For some reason the clutch mechanism wouldn't work, so before getting it sorted the transmission had been pulled four times.

Twenty minutes before the second race of the day the transmission was bolted to the engine and everything was up and running.
I was ready to throw in the blanket, but Rune persisted until the Cortina was ready for another race.

The clutch worked perfectly, as did the rest of the car, so another first place was taken home.
Here, the Hammerspeed racing team is feeling satisfied about the achievements of the weekend.

At the same time a class lap record was set on Botniaring. G/C: 2 min 7 seconds!

Home again in the shop, the engine was yanked out to change the rear crank shaft seal.
Of course the flywheel and clutch plate were given a thorough wash. New oil pan seals, and back into the car again.
While we were at it, the transmission came out, and the first and second baulk (synchronizer-) rings were changed back to the old ones. Some machinist had machined them too thick, so they wouldn't synchronize at all. Expensive useless parts.

August 20-21 Historic Grand Race, Ahvenisto

Samuel's Lotus Cortina, and Jari's Mk II GT in the pits friday night.

At night when the training had ended and everything was quiet, we all took a walk around the track. I hadn't even seen it before, and was going to race it the next day, driving only a few warm up laps before running the timing laps for the starting grid.

Göran's and Kim's Cortinas aslongside ours. Still friday night.

The F-class cars on their way onto the track.
Almost no photos were taken this weekend, which is a pity. The Cortina ran great, and again both races were won.
Below a style study. Photos by Mico Wikström

Instead of racing the last weekend of the Gulf Cup, the Cortina was displayed at the Motorshow in Botniahallen, and actually sold the friday preceding it. Of course the new owner could pick it up only after the exhibition.
As all races participated had been won it was sold as the fastest Cortina GT in the country.

The Cortina loaded on the new owner's trailer.
He was very satisfied with the purchase, and later called to give praise to it.
I guess you could call that a happy ending.

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