Modifications between races 2014... Turned out to be a long time.
Next race will probably be May 2016

As the oil pressure was lost during hard cornering to the right, the engine was yanked, and the oil pan modified with splash plates, which will hopefully keep oil at the pickup. The pickup was also lengthened/lowered half an inch.
The arrow points at the new piece of tubing.
(June 2014)

Even shimmed to a relatively hard pre torque, the limited slip was slipping, so new clutches were installed.
The green gunk in the pic is oil for limited slip differentials.
The assembly was then mounted into the third member and the backlash checked with a dial indicator.





Already last year it seemed obvious that the car needed stiffer front suspension, either harder springs, or a stiffer sway bar.
Stiffer springs were mounted, as they happened to be easily obtainable.

The wheels were painted black for a change. The drivers seat was moved forward an inch to get a better driving position. The exhaust was redone with only one muffler and a single outlet. The valve lash adjusted and the ignition set earlier.

...This last thing, adjusting the ignition timing earlier, brougt disaster. When test driven the engine pinged a bit, and when back into the pits, it was evident that something was very wrong, as a lot of smoke was coming out of the crank case vent.
When removing the head a layer of aluminum was left in the tops of three cylinders, and the pistons looked like they'd been hit with a hammer.
(July 2014)

After a 1+ year hiatus work with the engine was commenced. Machining had been done earlier,and all parts gathered.
First, the new gear box was built using a new gearset for closer gear ratios.
Always helpful Calle working on the new gearset.
(January 2016)

The new engine block was thorouhgly cleaned inside and out before paintning.
All oil passages were cleaned out with a piece of wire and a power drill, then lots of brake cleaner.
(February 2016)

Building an engine consist to a big part of measuring and grinding. The pistons and con rods were balanced to within 0,1 gram, notably the pistons were off by only 0,4 gram (0.0141oz). The piston rings were filed to the recommended clearance, the bearing clearances were measured with plastigage...
In this pic the camshaft is dialed in to center the intake lobe @ 106 degrees after top dead center.
(March 2016)

The engine in all it's black and polished aluminum glory.
A lot of work has been invested in getting this engine done the right way, so hopefully it will run nicely for some time.

The new gear box and engine in the car. Carbs and exhaust mounted, but some things still missing, like the radiator, oil catch tank, battery and such.
(April 2016)

The car was driven around with a wide band lambda conneted, and trying to tune the carbs. 24 jets were changed before getting the air/fuel ratio ok at all times. Enough fuel at high revs/full throttle was proiritized, then the mid range fueling was leaned out by changing to smaller main jets. The result is a smooth running engine, which hopefully will be reasonably safe to drive hard.
The ill fate of the last engine was probably due to a lean mixture on high revs, and a too early ignition timing.

New wheels and wider front tires make the Cortina look very pretty.
Here loaded on a trailer for a test on the track.
(May 2016)

The new gear box and engine ran very good, and with the new close ratio gears, there's no need to rev over 6,000 rpm before pulling into fourth gear. The new brake pads were a huge miss, they all but melted, causing me to use a gravel zone to the max when only one(!) rear wheel locked up at braking.

Here's Göran's Cortina, with which I was racing this tuesday evening. Except for the brake failure, the test was considered a great success.
New better front brake pads were installed. After finding oil in one brake drum, the drive shaft seal was changed along with the brake linings.

On the track 2016

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