The first racing weekend is in June this year.
I had meant to get a bit of training before that, but didn't
realize how hard it could be to get access to the track. Tuesdays only.
Let's start with a training day, the last one available.

At Botnia Raceway for some training. Håkan's BMW 1600 in the foreground.
A lot of laps were driven to break in the new engine, and to give it a bit of a workout. The engine pulls nicely all the way from below 4,000 rpm, and revs smooth up to close to 7 grand where I cut it on this first outing.
(June 3:rd 2014)

Of course we had a couple minor snags.
The front wheels were ground like this on the ball joint nut, so if you look closely in the pic above, there are steel wheels in the front.
Also the oil pressure dropped during hard right cornering, so the engine was overfilled by a quart.

In all, a successful test drive and shake down test.

Kemora 7-8.6 2014
The 2:nd race starting grid

Interesting, to say the least, to get to start with as many as 21 cars in the starting grid. Myself in 9:th position.

The first curve was very busy, cars coming in from every direction.

The Cortina performed nicely, but could benefit from harder front springs.

These guys had a very tight fight. Both cars need a lot of body work after this weekend. I drove behind, and couldn't do anything but watch.

After the saturday warm up, we discovered some oil under the engine, and a look under the engine revealed that the oil plug was very loose.
The arrow points at the threads. the plug could be turned at least three full turns before the copper gasket bottomed.
A gallon of engine oil on the track wouldn't have made anyone especially happy. A close call.

The first race on sunday resulted in a third place in class.
As did the second, so two trophies were hauled home.

A couple early Cortinas on trailers on their way home from the track waiting for drivers eagerly enjoying ice creams and coffee.

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