New for the 2016 season was a new lowered stance.
As this car has torsion bar suspension, it's very easy to lower,
just a matter of turning the adjusters till the height is right.

Early summer with the fiancee.
(May 2017)

Mayday cruising.
Not eveident in this pic, but behind us a few hundred American cars gathered before departing on the through town parade.

Not many hundred added on the odo this summer, but the quality was way better than the quantity.

The Dodge was used as a getaway vehicle, when the newlywedded slipped away from their wedding party.
Pic still missing. We know there were pics snapped!

The guy in the middle found the sales ad for the Dodge online, and eventually bought it. He brought two buddies, and they all seemed pretty knowledgeable regarding American cars.

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