In between working with new fuel lines, turning the front brake discs, changing
the inlet manifold gaskets, mounting a new main brake cylinder, and making everything work for
the MOT test, new wheels were on the agenda.

New rear wheels were made from Aspen wheel discs and some 15"x8" rims bought on a swap meet some years ago. The old rear wheels are going to be used in the front.
(March 2015)

The wheels were then sandblasted and got a thick coat of epoxy.
(April 2015)

A nice dark "dolphin grau" was sprayed on along with some clear.

Here's the result with the Dodge still on the jack stands. The blue protective coat over the brand new white stiped tyres still intact.
A version of big'n'littles, with 205/70-14 rubber in the front and 225/70-15 in the rear.

The Dodge got a good rinse after the long winter in the garage. The "blue walls" got white too.

Finally, after a long winter the Mayday cruising is a mere hour away!.
Feels really good to have the Dodge on the road.

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