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Bodywork and paint.

The grille was removed, and it should be one of the last things that has to be removed before paint. After that, hopefully, it will be mostly "progress", in that to this point, parts have been removed from the car almost daily.

A couple coats of epoxy sprayed on now. Looking better already, it's absolutely amazing what a uniform color can do.

Can after can of poyester filler going on the hood. Hard to realize how big the dents still were. In any case it starts looking like a hood again.
The work will soon commence on the front sheetmetal, adjusting the hood to front clearance and such.

You probably won't beleive this, four pounds (two kilos) per can, only working on the hood yet.

To the left a pic from when I started working on the wagon. Five millimeters of bondo on the front of the fender, a bit less than a quarter of an inch. After some bumping and hammering this got decimated by a lot. It looks like a lot of bondo in the new pic too, but it's more the acerage than the thickness. The left side is shaping up, and it actually looks like there's less work on the other side. The roof is about ready too.

The hood and front piece are done.
I decided to go all out Kustom and made the hood peak continue over to the front piece. Might as well have some fun while we're at it.

It's been less than three weeks since I epoxied the wagon, and started filling and sanding, but it already feels like an eternity. There's not one piece of sheet metal on this car that isn't either dinged, welded, crashed or smashed, so it's been a lot of work, even if the result won't be anything close to perfect.
Almost ready with the filler, only the tail and right hand side rear quarter to go before moving on to the next stage.
Here's a pic of the tail gate and rear corner. Pretty work intense details.

Still some sanding to do on the left hand side tail light recesses. The roof is done too, so only the right hand side rear quarter still to do, and then it's time to undust the garage for another layer of epoxy, which will be used as sanding sealer and primer before the paint goes on.

Everything checked on the to do list! The fill & sand list, that is.
The wagon was backed out of the garage for some air, as the garage floor was washed. Actually a good idea to blow off the dust outside. Obviously.
At this moment, almost everything is masked off, ready for another coat of epoxy which is planned to go on tomorrow.

Funny thing: When I had the car backed outside, I was kinda planning to get out, when I notided there were no handles or cranks! I was just going to call a pal to help me get out, when I got the good idea of poking my hand in through some hole in the inside of the door and getting the latch mechanism maneuvered. Sometimes you just get yourself into trouble...

Epoxied, according to plan.
(April 2019)

After a few days of really uninspiring work, sanding the door openings, and hours of masking, the paint was sprayed on. It's a two part single stage paint, so only two coats had to be sprayed.
The same paint is going to be used on the outside with clear added for better gloss.

Yours truly blowing dust off the primered and sanded wagon after a ten minute drive to the paintshop. Two tail lights were installed to make the car look at least a bit street legal, but they're only for show as they're not connected. Only one headlight mounted, but that one works. The tag is taped to the rear window, since there's no bumper to bolt it to.

The wagon sits in the paint booth right now, all masked and ready for paint.

Tomorrow paint, friday clear.
Simple plan.

The wagon painted today (thursday April 11 2019) according to plan. The industrial quality paint went on nicely, but in comparison it's obviously less glossy than a good quality automotive paint. The clear will remedy that.

The reason for using the industrial paint, is that the cost is a fraction of what a base coat would be. The clear, obviously, is the same cost in either case. And I like to experiment. And darn it, I like to save a few bucks where I can

The wagon was cleared yesterday, and the high gloss makes it really look nice in the sunshine.

Driving home in the early evening, looking over the shiny straight hood was a real inspirational boost.

The new wheels make the wagon look a few hundred percent better. 15" wheels with plenty of rubber and go-fast white lettering makes one smile.

Some parts that still aren't painted, such as the fuel filler door, rear side window trim and a couple parts in the front are in primer now, and will hopefully be painted in a few days.

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