The old barn find Honda exhibited. It really looks the part, especially in black and white

Seen in color the orange helmet and the green floor just scream at you, but somehow the awful colors are tuned out by your eyes, when you walk around the place in person.
The wood bark spread under the bike looks a lot like the flooring in our woodhshed, where I had to work as a youngster, wrenching away at my bikes and mopeds.

Some old bits and pieces, junk and stuff, making it look like a work in progress, since long abandoned.

The other side sports a couple rags thrown over the muffler, an oil can and some other various stuff.
Someone's started waxing the fuel tank, but the wax has just dried, the open Simoniz tin on the floor.

We had great fun working out the details.

A short clip from the show.

Immediately in the clip you will see a well weathered Ichiban Moto sticker, which Ichiban himslef sent me.
Tune in on his channel: Ichiban Moto

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