Getting my first motorcycle ever home was fun, especially as I was
in good company, but later in the evening, when it was pushed off the trailer and stood
in the shop the real fun could begin.

Day One

Finally inside after years of neglect. Not too joyous perhaps, the Honda will get rid of some parts. In other words, parts that doesn't look like a racer will be taken away.
(October 29 2016)

Some parts, like this seat clean up really nicely, and will go on some online selling site to raise money for this project.
And no, this seat won't be used on this project.

The before and after.
A couple of hours of work resulted in a very noticeable change.
This is fun, it already looks much more like a Cafe Racer project. Well, actually
it looks a lot like a bobber in this pic, but we'll have to remedy that.

Some serious photoshopping would already give a hint of what is to come, but as the
plan still is pretty loose we'll stick to the bare facts att this time.
This is what it looks like after the first day.

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