We’re two guys planning a road tour in June 2010, along the
American west coast, mostly cruising US Route 101.
From Seattle (red arrow) to Los Angeles (yellow arrow).
The plans include buying an old car, drive the tour with it,
and ship it home before boarding our flight back to Europe.

                   April 1

As stated above, we're going to drive this road tour in an old car. The car chosen for this trip is a 1957 Pontiac Chieftain Catalina Coupe (Gotta love those long american car names!) Some paperwork still pending, and after that it goes into storage waiting for us. Think this car will fit in at most cruis ins and whatever we’ll attend.

The Pontiac sports a 347 cubic inch V-8 engine with a Tri-power setup (three two barrel carbs) and standard (manual) transmission.

                   May 16

Here it is: the first photo of Björn and Leif on a car cruising night in early May.
Happy faces, at least before leaving for our road trip.

                   Day one June 10

At long last we’re on our way. Here we are on a gas station in Iittala, on our way to Helsinki.

Our transportation is Leif’s Peugeot

                   Day two June 11

We got up early, ate a good breakfast and hit the airport. We each had three flights, I ended up in Moose Jaw, Canada, and Leif in Seattle, Washington. We’ve never been as thoroughly security checked before in our lives, having to tell all about the purpose of our trip, what we work with for a living, what the people that we’re visiting are doing for a living, if we will have jobs to go to when we return home etcetera.
Anyway, after a 26 hour day we arrived at our destinations, were received with open arms, and I’m sure, both fell a sleep quite happily in our different locations.

                   Day three June 12

Immediately after breakfast we got out the Essex and hit the streets of Moose Jaw.

We visited Brent Davey's Rod, Custom & Restoration shop, had some speed shop coffee and a look at some nice projects.

Hitting the road again we were pulled over by Pat and Diane, and were brougt in for a tour in the garage of theirs. Pats model A coupe here, just outside the garage, being inspected by Paul.

Pat also gave me a very cool club plaque from the Klassics of BC.

The Tom Sukanen museum was an experience in its own...
A more or less crazy Finn named Sukanen built this boat in which he was going to sail from Saskatchewan to Finland, over Hudson Bay and out to the Atlantic.

                   Day four June 13

Sunday started with breakfast at National Cafe, and here’s a pic of the usual Hot Rod crowd telling lies and looking happy about it.

A nice tradition, which should be picked up back home too!

Just outside the Cafe this Essex was stuck on a stick.

After breakfast we went for a real good garage tour, looked at lots of hot rods and lots of garages.

Again at Davey's shop, we had a look at a big block chevy powered rod waiting for a coat of red.

In the pics below is Brents Chrysler 300 and the original Hemi engine. Cool stuff!

In Dennis' garage we found him uncovering his wifes immaculate Thinderbird.
A truly beautiful car!

Here’s Dennis again, telling about the rebuilt master cylinder and vacuum booster on his 1954 Mercury Sun Valley. His garage was absolutely spotless!

I think I’d better spend a few days cleaning my own garage when I'm back home!

Here's Bob Reeds' Ford Model T resto rod. He also had a small British sportscar project in his garage.
Don McKenzie is just seen to the right. He has a two door Essex Coach, which I regrettably didn't take any pics of...

At Lance and Pat Deagles place we had a look at their '51 Chevy with a souped up small block , a '46 Ford truck and the interesting International Pick up truck on a Chevy S-10 chassis.

They also had a fantastic diner in their basement. Amazing!

In Bruce Crooks garage we found a smooth '36 Ford, and this model A with a faux Oldsmobile engine up front. I like the way the exhaust system sneaks over the frame in front of the fire wall.
Excellent engineering on the cars, and a very tidy garage too!

The last garage on our tour was Brent Deveys home garage which housed a '48 Olds and a '50 Buick. You gotta love these tall, long straight eights!

                   Day five June 14

After breakfast we went out for a ride out in the country side.

Imagine a place where old cars seem to grow right out of the ground.
I saw this place today. I’m totally speachless!

After seeing this, all that was missing to make the day perfect was a Dairy Queen ice cream and a big coffee. Yep, got that too!

Finally a bit of sightseeing completed the day.
Of course I had to take a picture of Mac the Moose, the Moose Jaw mascot.

Thank you Paul and Viv for a few wonderful days in Canada, goes right up on top of the list of the best times of my life!

                   Day six June 15

After over sleeping in the morning a couple short flights took me to Seattle, where Leif and his relatives met me. We had to wait for my luggage for an hour, and after that we left the airport and drove off to Tacoma to look for a blue Pontiac sitting in a drive way. We found the right drive way, thanks to our new girl friend (we’ll share her, Leif says). Her name is Mary Tomtom. She’s actually the voice on his new GPS. We went shopping, and brought a new battery, breaker points, rotor, dizzy cap, plugs, and various chemicals and fluids (like gas). We fired the Pontiac up, and went driving towards West Seattle.

The engine stalled when we arrived to Kristis and Pats house, and the engine wouldn’t
hardly crank over even with the new battery. Seems he starter is totally fried. What a nice
surprice it was to find a brand spanking new starter behind the drivers seat!

We had to push it into its parking spot here, but we have faith. And a new starter.

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